Saturday, January 29, 2011

Country Living (With Ned Beatty)

Almighty Yojo presents his debut song and animated video. Bow down to the Almighty Yojo!

Almighty Yojo provides high quality songs and low quality video. Both are deserving of worship. Why not bow down and kiss the Yojo?

Country Living (With Ned Beatty)

Step into the sunshine.
Step into the rain.
Daddy's making moonshine,
out back again.

Mama's in the kitchen,
with her big metal fork.
Ripping at the shoulder,
pulling that pork.

Living in the country,
where the sky is big.
Catch me a city boy,
make him squeal like a pig.

Living in the country,
where the peaches are free.
Going down swimming,
a pond is good enough for me.

Buy me a dirt bike,
it's a great fucking toy.
Ride in the forest.
Squeal like a pig city boy.

Thanks to Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, and, of course, Ned Beatty.

Country Living (With Ned Beatty) by Almighty Yojo

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